Friday, February 17, 2012

A trip to the book store!

After going to 2 differant craft stores and not finding what I was looking for GRRRR! I went to the book store. A nice raspberry mocha frappe and some browsing time was needed. My mom and the girls were with me too. Mom sat and read a book on her kindle. Noodle raided all the clearance kids Easter books.  Fluffy got into the Goosebump books.  And I went through all the crochet books they had (which was not much). When we went to leave I was going to just get a crochet magazine but my mom got Noodle 4 books, Fluffy a goosebumps book,
 and got me a book

 a magazine

 and the game bananagrams (that was all I asked for at Christmas and no one got it for me).

So I might not have gotten the supplies I was looking for but my mom spoiled me. Yeah right! I know she is thinking what patterns she wants me to make her in the near future LOL!


  1. I'm bummed! You got a Spring 2012 Crochet World mag!! Wonder why I haven't gotten mine in the mail yet? Sigh......I have the other book. :o)

    Love the coat of many colors (in your other post). That's awesome!

    1. It has been out for a bit. I am looking for the regular Crochet World magazine for this month. And thanks about the sweater. I am just glad it it is wearable LOL.