Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A quick update!

Christmas is finally over! I admit I have not been a very merry person for the last few months. So Bah Humbug was my theme and a sign saying "Carolers will be shot on sight" was an option for the yard. But I survived it and managed to not kill anyone. It was a minimal year though.

Gifts from Santa!

Gifts for the kids!

After opening up the gifts here. I made dinner and the lil ones and I took food and gifts over to Brat's apartment. Fluffy stayed the night so it was just Noodle and I here.

And she played till she dropped

Trust me it gets cuter! She fell asleep sitting next to her Christmas stash and....look at that belly peaking out!!  Hahahahaha!

   Now since I have not posted in a bit let me tell you what has been going on. Besides losing my darling PeeWee we also lost 3 of our cats. I have a feeling the neighbors stole Kitty and Kitty Kitty. But Tiny disappeared about a week after Kitty Kitty. So we have had quite a bit of sadness here. 
   Last month the older kids (including Brats new fiance) and I took the lil ones to the zoo. As we were walking from the cars to the front gate I knew something was wrong. I honestly thought I was not even going to make it inside, I was sure an ambulance would need to be called. Anyway we went through the whole zoo without me telling the kids anything was wrong and I came home to take a bunch of pain pills and all my blood pressure and heart meds...and I slept the rest of the day! I had a minor heart attack while we were at the zoo. I have been having chest pain off and on since then. So I have been trying to take it easy and recover. Of course the whole "Do not get stressed or over emotional" crap does not work in my life. 
  Anyway that is life in a nutshell! Oh that and Brat is expecting her first baby. YAY I am going to have 2 grandbabies now! 
  I will be back soon I promise! I have so much to show you!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Having a horrid week!

No pictures but just a quick post.
This week has been hell. I have been just so depressed and of course fate has to mess me up even more. My laptop's hard drive may be dead. There goes hundreds of pictures from a span of 4 years that can not be replaced (hoping that they can be saved). Then this week my darling Peewee has started to show signs that he is ready to leave us. Peewee is my very old yet loving mini brindle pit. He is beyond fugly yet I just love him so much. He has stopped eating and just lays around now. He is not sick or hurting he is just realy realy old. He is my afghan lover and gets at least 2 new ones a year. He is like Linus from The Peanuts cartoon. He will drag his "Blankie" all over the yard and into his house. He will pile it up into a heap and slide under it to sleep. It really is funny how he loves his afghans. But sadly I don't think he will be here by next weekend. I am trying to keep Fluffy from thinking about it to much. She is my nature loving, animal loving, flower child. She used to practice reading by climbing into the dog house with the dogs and reading to them.
So this week has sucked and I am afraid it will be worse this week. I will keep you updated and insha Allah *God Willing* I will be posting my usual happy colorful posts soon.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Most Amazing Crochet Book!!!

Old One did it again. She went on Amazon and found a book that I just love. A Treasury of Crochet Patterns by Liz Blackwell. I have been checking the book out of the library for years. It has hundreds of stitch patterns in it. The one from the library was from 1968 and only had black and white photos. So imagine my surprise when mine had color pics (1971). And mine was less than $1......If there was ever a book to get it is this one. The instructions are so easy and it just fills your head with ideas. Thank you Old One :)

Now I have to go get the babies from school in a few minutes. Fluffy got all A's...again hehehe. And lil Miss Noodle got all A's on her very first report card. I just love my girls. No school all next week for fall break so I will be busy :)

Oh next post will be the one with the clock I promise!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I did it! I finally did it! I finished the "Summer Shawl From Hell That Is Sucking The Life Out Of Me". 3 months I worked daily on this thing but it is done. See! Modeled by the ever so lovely Noodle!
And from the back. (I made it extra big because my booty is wayyyyy bigger than Noodles :)


Now I am working on matching fingerless gloves. I got one done fairly quickly. And since it is my own pattern I wrote it done so the second would be exactly the same. Well it was supposed to be! I have taken it almost completly apart to start over. Why is it giving me hell? Because it is related to that damn shawl! And we all know that blasted shawl did not like me at all!!!

Look what Old One got me! Isn't it so cute? I am not making a cozy for this little beauty though :)

Old One and I have been crafty lately. She has been depressed and a word...cranky! SO I got her a project to paint and tinker with :)
Now for a sneaky peeky at my next blog and Tah-dah moment. I figured out something to do with all my extra roses hehehehe.
I have been sooooo busy doing all kinds of projects (besides hours a day on that dang shawl!) that I have all kinds of things to show you. I just need to catch that "Get to it" fairy so I can get my booty up and take pics hehehehe! Stay tuned more to come and a few (created myself) patterns :)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

My summer thus far! (Lots of pics)

This summer has been horrid. To hot for even the girls to go out and play. Or it pours rain so my tomatoes burst before they even ripen. As I said just horrid. But I do have some odd pictures to share.

Even going for a drive was hot on Noodle! Happy meals help though hehehe!

Of course Fluffy is tall enough to get the full breeze!
Here she is in her fluffiness LOL!
Old one (what the kids call my mom) was driving.
But I fed everyone dinner! Stir fry...yummy!
And the girls helped make sundae's
My cats were just lazy all summer. Here is the black and white puddle.
Tiny, Kitty, and Kitty Kitty
Of course we can not forget Mr. Black who just showed up one day.
But my baby is Shiner! Who lately is driving me nuts!
Here she is "helping" me fold clothes.
And here she is on me again!
And again! (Are you getting the idea that she is ALWAYS on me?)
She is the only inside cat we have and at 13 she is old and spoiled!
I have set "The Summer Shawl From Hell That Is Sucking The Life Outta Me" to the side for a day or two while I work on a few small projects. (Trying to regain my sanity)
A few washclothes for the old one!
Brat got her first apartment on her own so for her kitchen I made dishclothes
and more dishclothes (The tray you see hangs on her wall)
She is doing a fun hawaian theme.
And I found mini teapots so of course I made a cozy LOL!
Well That is all for now. I have tons more to show but I still have to take pics. I hope everyone is having a nice week. My babies are in school, so for the first time in nearly 18 years I have no kids home with me.... :( I am soooooooo bored LOL!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

A quick post of a shawl and my kids

I am sorry I have been away. This summer has honestly been miserable for me. To hot one day flooding the next. And even Fluffy and Noodle stayed inside 90% of the time. It was just a very yucky not fun summer.

I did take the kids to a couple of the Michael's craft classes for kids. Here are some of the pictures of them at the Morocco class (just FYI my babies are half Moroccan)

The booklet of details for that days projects

Every project has a pin representing that country. Here is Fluffy holding her Moroccan flag.

And Noodle coloring hers in.

And Fluffy getting love from the flamingo hahaha!

Now some of you may recall I have made a comment here and there about "The summer shawl from hell that is sucking the life out of me". I am serious this shawl is driving me nuts! The story behind it is simple. I bought a kitchen garbage bag full of cotton yarn and cotton thread at a yard sale for the ridiculously cheap amount of $3. In the bag were many cones and spools but one cone caught my eye it was huge and stained from sitting in a basement probablly since the 80's. I have been making shawls for the upcoming fall and winter and thought how about making one for summer next year, (What the hell was I thinking?) Anyway I figure if the stains don't was out I will just dye it. I had visions of Pride and Prejudice and all in my head. Well the other shawls (made in yarn) took me a day or so. This dag thing has been over a month! Hours of work everyday my looking at it with dread and thinking I will never get it done. Well guess what? It still is not done. But here are some pics!

Doesn't it look pretty?

I have held the hook so much I wore the paint off!
Over a month later and still plugging away at it.
What you can't see in the pics is that the hook has even worn down a spot on my thumb nail!
When it is done I will post more pics (if my sanity holds out or I don't set it on fire first)
Anyone else working on the project from hell?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New posts coming soon

Sorry I have been away for a bit. But trust me I have pictures and all to make up for it! I will do my best to get on in the next day or so and begin my blogging again. Thanks for the patience :)

Friday, June 1, 2012

The Great Amazing Awesome FLUFFY!!!!

This is mama bragging time. My darling Fluffy finished the fourth grade with perfect attendance and all A's! She was also in the track team, garden club, chorus, and signed herself up for tutoring (I have no idea why). But she also one free tickets to a local theatre here. Her teacher sent in a fable she had written and she won out of all the entries i the area. So we went to the theatre and she got to read her fable on stage before the play. I am so proud of her!

She was so nervous!

And she was as tall as the theatre manager hehehe!

And for her teacher being so supportive of Fluffy I made her a tote and a water bottle carrier. She is very into bees :)

Love the little bee buttons I found!

And the water bottle carrier had a bee too!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Sunday of my kids

So far it is 11:32 and everyone is still asleep but me. So I am playing with my blog and thought hmmmm wonder what pictures of my kids I can post. This way you get to see all my babies :) We will start with the oldest to the youngest.

Bubba from 2009 (he hides from the camera)

DIL ChatterBox

Brat from 2011



Grandbaby (Don't have a nicname for her yet LOL)

Well that is my chickadees! I am so blessed to have them all in my life. Plus I have others who call me mama too. Right now it is time to take Fluffy and Noodle to the lake for a wonderful swim!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Odds and ends

I have a few little tid bits I wanted to share. A painting from my friend Mark Grossi. And Noodles new scrap doll to start.

Isn't this wonderful? It darkened a bit when dry but I still love it. Now to get a frame for it!

Not the best photo of Noodle but she had not been feeling well.
SO here is her new doll Berry! Yes I made it so don't laugh :)

Now other than a bit of crocheting here and there (because everyone knows I have a bunch of pojects going at the same time) I also taught myself to knit. Well I got the knit part down but purl is a pain and is now a bad word not to be said in this house LOL. I finished the afghan that was started 3 years ago. And another doily for the rainbow room. I will put more pics up when I get my lazy bum into gear to do it :) Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

Friday, May 4, 2012


Well back in March before my cord blew up on me we had a burst of rainbows. Of course this got me thinking about rainbows ALL THE TIME. It became a quest to see what I could make for the bedroom :)

And the next day...

So what did I make...or at least start?
A doily for starters.

Then the beginings of 2 mobiles.
Mobile 1...
Mobile 2...

Then flip and...

But of course I just had to make an afghan. This is my first attempt at a granny stripe. I used Lucy's pattern from her blog attic 24.

The purple looks blue in these pictures. I did finish this and did 2 rounds of red as a trim.

That was my rainbow phase...for now LOL! I am currently working on another afghan. I also made a few new animals and a new rag doll for Noodle (it was a sad day when Sally fell apart in the washer. She was a good doll for several years) So now Noodle has Berry hehehe. I also have a runner started. And hell has froze over....I learned how to knit. Purl is kicking my butt though. Everything is going slow since back in April I was diagnosed with tendonitis. But slow or not I do what I can. I will be posting more as soon as I can.