Friday, May 4, 2012


Well back in March before my cord blew up on me we had a burst of rainbows. Of course this got me thinking about rainbows ALL THE TIME. It became a quest to see what I could make for the bedroom :)

And the next day...

So what did I make...or at least start?
A doily for starters.

Then the beginings of 2 mobiles.
Mobile 1...
Mobile 2...

Then flip and...

But of course I just had to make an afghan. This is my first attempt at a granny stripe. I used Lucy's pattern from her blog attic 24.

The purple looks blue in these pictures. I did finish this and did 2 rounds of red as a trim.

That was my rainbow phase...for now LOL! I am currently working on another afghan. I also made a few new animals and a new rag doll for Noodle (it was a sad day when Sally fell apart in the washer. She was a good doll for several years) So now Noodle has Berry hehehe. I also have a runner started. And hell has froze over....I learned how to knit. Purl is kicking my butt though. Everything is going slow since back in April I was diagnosed with tendonitis. But slow or not I do what I can. I will be posting more as soon as I can.


  1. So glad to see all the colorful things you've been making! And so glad you have a new power cord for your computer so you can show us some of your latest work. I've been nursing a pulled muscle/ligament, but have been enjoying crocheting some Queen Anne's Lace scarves and a bib. Hope your tendon heals soon! <3

  2. Love all your colorful crochet projects. :)