Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New teapots and cozies :)

Something was missing...Has been for awhile now. I needed a tea kettle and teapot. It was not that I wanted them I NEEDED them. I was missing having them. Now let me tell you I am a big time coffee and tea drinker. And since I have been blogging I have seen lots of teapots and cozies and it made me miss mine even more. So I went on a mission to find me a new teapot. The kettle I knew would be easy. But I live in the south of the United States.....sweet tea country! I actually went to Target and found a kettle for less than $11 woohoo but then I found the only teapot they had. And it was exactly what I wanted just plain white, and guess what it was also less than $11 :) As soon as I got home I fired up the kettle and started to think of a tea cozy.

Tell me what you think?

I looked at several on the internet and then kind of came up with my own.
As you can see from the next pic I added a button for extra staying power :)
 The button was also to close the area to keep your hand from touching the hot pot.

But that is not the end of the story besides being very happy with my white pot and cozy I won an ebay auction and it came today. Serious happy wiggles when the mailman came to the door today LOL.

IT'S PINK!!!!!! A little smaller than the white one which is fine. But I got this for less than $5 and ....IT'S PINKKKKK LOL!

Now I am off to make a new cozy. I have my cotton next to me and I just have to decide a pattern and what colors to use. And my darling Fluffy just turned on Star Trek Next Generation. Oh this is a good evening hehehehe

Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Dearest Fluffy!

Today was Fluffy's 11th birthday. We mostly just lounged around watching Harry Potter. SHe didn't want anything in particular (she rarely does). So I decided to treat her to a movie. We went to see Woman in Black :) yes it is a bit scarey for a normal kid but Fluffy is a rare breed of child lol. She has been a horror movie fiend since she was still in diapers. She loved it :)

Then we came home and watched more Harry Potter movies as I worked on my ST. Paddy's afghan. Today was a laid back lazy kind of day. Perfect for Fluffy's birthday LOL. I am blessed with awesome kids....the whole bunch of them LOL.

Friday, February 17, 2012

A trip to the book store!

After going to 2 differant craft stores and not finding what I was looking for GRRRR! I went to the book store. A nice raspberry mocha frappe and some browsing time was needed. My mom and the girls were with me too. Mom sat and read a book on her kindle. Noodle raided all the clearance kids Easter books.  Fluffy got into the Goosebump books.  And I went through all the crochet books they had (which was not much). When we went to leave I was going to just get a crochet magazine but my mom got Noodle 4 books, Fluffy a goosebumps book,
 and got me a book

 a magazine

 and the game bananagrams (that was all I asked for at Christmas and no one got it for me).

So I might not have gotten the supplies I was looking for but my mom spoiled me. Yeah right! I know she is thinking what patterns she wants me to make her in the near future LOL!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine"s Day!

I am actually getting some of my Valentine's Day projects up on here. I actually only finished about half of what I planned. But over the rest of the year I will work on them as I have time. So next year I will have a bunch more :) Of course my camera had a slow and painful death so I had to use my phone. So some of the pictures are bad but at least I am trying.

We start with the attempted taming of Fluffy's hair. Yeah right LOL!

I surprised her this morning with these hair clips.

I had to make these for her because the headband I made her didn't really make her happy. Bust she had a huge smile as soon as I said I was blogging the picture. What a ham! LOL!

Now we move on to decorations.

These look cute and of course between my mom's dungeon dark livingroom and having to use my phone the picture is bad :( the little heart is plastic canvas!

On the opposite wall is a shelf that I have pompom garland on. I love my pompom maker!

A couple of pillows I did off the top of my head. The heart was a pain I took it apart and redid it many times.

I always had these towels around growing up (Thanks grandma). I just never made one. I found a video on utube and gave it a try. Not as good as grandma's but hey I like it :)

And I end with Noodle holding some felt stuffed hearts I made and never figured out what to do with them. She was upset because Fluffy was going to be blogged and she wanted in on it LOL.

I can't wait to get a new camera. Maybe tomorrow? Anyway now on to St.Paddy's Day projects. I don't have many planned so far. But I have my Irish pride so I am sure I will green up the place hahahaha


Sunday, February 12, 2012

As I was moving Christmas to storage...

I realized I had forgotten to take pics of  the things I made this year. So I quickly whipped out my cell phone and took pictures. So here they are. The last of Christmas till next year (yes I already have ideas in my head for next year). Not everything is crcochet but that will be our little secret hehehehe.

The first is a plastic canvas covered candy box I made. This was a mix of patterns I put together in a hurry.

A close up of the box...

Now lets move on to the ornaments...keep in mind some of these are very simple because I had Fluffy and Noodle making them too :)

Here are some that hide candy. The kids always search for these every year. I am lucky if I don't have to refill them daily!
Granny square stockings that hide rolls of lifesaver candy.

Plastic canvas that hides chocolate kisses. Just squeeze and there it is.

 Ok plastic canvas and beads...The star was on the top of our tree. And fluffy is a serious bead nut! She will bead anything she can get her hands on. Even the garlad this year was just long strands of beads.

close up of plastic canvas bead and button ornaments.

And more ornaments of beads

Now there is a story behind the wreath. I remember as a little girl my grandfather making these. He was an incredible hard working yet gentle man. I remember him holding up one of these in his old weathered hands and I was instantly in love with them.

Now we move on to the garland that never got hung up....long story but lets just say moms house has no place to hang it lol.

Close up of the garland (that fluffy my mother and I worked on)

Enough with the ornaments here are a hat and scarf I made with knitting looms. I am still learning so the patterns are super simple. The scarf is three tubes braided together and sewn with pompoms at the end. (I also got pompom makers hehehe) I actually made a differant hat design for each of us. With differant arrangements of Christmas colors and differant buttons.

Close up of scarf

Now ENOUGH WITH THE BLASTED CHRISTMAS. I say that till July when I am sweating and fussing that it is too hot lol. I am a Northern girl stuck in the south! But here is my last item for today. Fluffy had one of those hand mirrors. Anyway Noodle broke the plastic handle (happens alot). SO I removed all the plastic and made a plastic canvas frame in "Fluffy" colors. Now she has a mirror to hang on her wall. And her new mirror broke before it even got out of the bag :) Follow us for 9 years and see what bad luck it brings LOL UGHHHHH!

Here is to hoping I get all the Valentine things posted in the next day or so and not 2 months late like Christmas LOL.
Oh and before I forget today was my lovely Noodles birthday. She turned 5 today! Woohoo!!! And was the spoiled princess all day :)