Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New teapots and cozies :)

Something was missing...Has been for awhile now. I needed a tea kettle and teapot. It was not that I wanted them I NEEDED them. I was missing having them. Now let me tell you I am a big time coffee and tea drinker. And since I have been blogging I have seen lots of teapots and cozies and it made me miss mine even more. So I went on a mission to find me a new teapot. The kettle I knew would be easy. But I live in the south of the United States.....sweet tea country! I actually went to Target and found a kettle for less than $11 woohoo but then I found the only teapot they had. And it was exactly what I wanted just plain white, and guess what it was also less than $11 :) As soon as I got home I fired up the kettle and started to think of a tea cozy.

Tell me what you think?

I looked at several on the internet and then kind of came up with my own.
As you can see from the next pic I added a button for extra staying power :)
 The button was also to close the area to keep your hand from touching the hot pot.

But that is not the end of the story besides being very happy with my white pot and cozy I won an ebay auction and it came today. Serious happy wiggles when the mailman came to the door today LOL.

IT'S PINK!!!!!! A little smaller than the white one which is fine. But I got this for less than $5 and ....IT'S PINKKKKK LOL!

Now I am off to make a new cozy. I have my cotton next to me and I just have to decide a pattern and what colors to use. And my darling Fluffy just turned on Star Trek Next Generation. Oh this is a good evening hehehehe

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