Sunday, February 12, 2012

As I was moving Christmas to storage...

I realized I had forgotten to take pics of  the things I made this year. So I quickly whipped out my cell phone and took pictures. So here they are. The last of Christmas till next year (yes I already have ideas in my head for next year). Not everything is crcochet but that will be our little secret hehehehe.

The first is a plastic canvas covered candy box I made. This was a mix of patterns I put together in a hurry.

A close up of the box...

Now lets move on to the ornaments...keep in mind some of these are very simple because I had Fluffy and Noodle making them too :)

Here are some that hide candy. The kids always search for these every year. I am lucky if I don't have to refill them daily!
Granny square stockings that hide rolls of lifesaver candy.

Plastic canvas that hides chocolate kisses. Just squeeze and there it is.

 Ok plastic canvas and beads...The star was on the top of our tree. And fluffy is a serious bead nut! She will bead anything she can get her hands on. Even the garlad this year was just long strands of beads.

close up of plastic canvas bead and button ornaments.

And more ornaments of beads

Now there is a story behind the wreath. I remember as a little girl my grandfather making these. He was an incredible hard working yet gentle man. I remember him holding up one of these in his old weathered hands and I was instantly in love with them.

Now we move on to the garland that never got hung up....long story but lets just say moms house has no place to hang it lol.

Close up of the garland (that fluffy my mother and I worked on)

Enough with the ornaments here are a hat and scarf I made with knitting looms. I am still learning so the patterns are super simple. The scarf is three tubes braided together and sewn with pompoms at the end. (I also got pompom makers hehehe) I actually made a differant hat design for each of us. With differant arrangements of Christmas colors and differant buttons.

Close up of scarf

Now ENOUGH WITH THE BLASTED CHRISTMAS. I say that till July when I am sweating and fussing that it is too hot lol. I am a Northern girl stuck in the south! But here is my last item for today. Fluffy had one of those hand mirrors. Anyway Noodle broke the plastic handle (happens alot). SO I removed all the plastic and made a plastic canvas frame in "Fluffy" colors. Now she has a mirror to hang on her wall. And her new mirror broke before it even got out of the bag :) Follow us for 9 years and see what bad luck it brings LOL UGHHHHH!

Here is to hoping I get all the Valentine things posted in the next day or so and not 2 months late like Christmas LOL.
Oh and before I forget today was my lovely Noodles birthday. She turned 5 today! Woohoo!!! And was the spoiled princess all day :)


  1. Hi Criossa, thanks for visiting my blog.. I have made a link to the pattern in the blog post you left a comment on. Enjoy... :))