Saturday, December 28, 2013

Crazy Christmas!

Most of my gifts were homemade. But I did go buy a few things. Noodle went with me and she had the best spot. Snugged in with toss pillows and fuzzy blankets.

And I of course could not post the picture because right on top was a gift for Brat. And I of course was so swamped with getting gifts done, getting orders out, and trying to stay sane, that I forgot to take pictures of everything. But here are a few...
First was a special request for Hello kitty hats for my tattoo'd baby and her baby.

Here they are wearing them.

Then came owl hats for another one of my spare daughters and her baby.

All 4.

Old One's slouchy beret

 Brat in her Rainbow hat.

Brat in her slime green pom pom hat.

Gopher's lil siater in her flower skull cap.

And then we have the various other pictures. Of course it would not be a holiday without someone getting sick. And that was Noodle. 2 days before Christmas she starts running a fever and feeling run down with tummy issues. She stayed/slept on the couch for days including Christmas. She even had to be persuaded to get up and see what Santa brought her. But we did manage to get her up if we all went into Old One's room to open gifts.

Rough at first.

But a polka doted fuzzy robe perked her up a little.

Of course her Bubba was trying to be stylish with ribbon curls.
First the ear.

Then I helped LOL!

And Fluffy showing her breast cancer awareness support.

It was crazy and I am so glad it is over. This is the second year that I am just not into Christmas. When you live in the house of PMS and Chaos it is never a good thing. 

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Our Halloween

I spent the day running around trying to get the last bits together for Fluffy's costume and to find something for Noodle since she had no idea what to be. But I think at least Fluffy's Gypsy was a success. I did crochet a quick headscarf and a chain for her Hand of Fatima necklace. But it looked really good if I do say so myself hehehe.

In total it cost me $2! I bought the blouse for $2 at Salvation army. The skirt makes me smile (I wore it on my honeymoon to her daddy) The scarf on her hips is a headscarf of mine. The bracelets are a combo of mine and hers. 

And then their is little Noodle who gave me a bazillion  ideas of what she wanted to be and none of them could be found. So here I am fighting the crowds and what do I come up with? A ghost!

She was excited to get her face painted!
My feet are killing me (we walked forever). The girls both came home, got into jammies and fell asleep before 9! Hope everyone else had a great evening. (And did not get sick from eating to much candy).

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hats galore!

I have been hat making lately. And seems that everyone wants one now. I went to Ben Franklin to buy yarn and I was wearing this hat (ignore the fat aging chick wearing the hat) And the cashier ordered 2 from me. Same pattern I have used before just single crochet band instead of slip stitch.

Then I made hats for Fluffy and Noodle and their friends at school are going bananas for some. Seems I am going to be doing a lot more hats!
Here is Noodle in hers. 

Here is the pattern but let me give a bit of advise.
Instead of 16 rows before the ear flap I did 18 for Noodle. 16 makes it super short and not workable at all.

Hope everyone is staying warm and enjoying some yarn time. I am making hats and matching fingerless gloves for my kids and grandkids. And slipping in a few for me too :)

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Am I the only one?

Well between a injured neck and shoulder I have been in bed most of the week. With laptop in lap of course. But I was wondering...does anyone else sit and follow a pattern on the screen and NOT print it? Just wondering.
My latest creations...
 Fingerless gloves. Pattern is here
(notice they are on the KEYBOARD)

And a new army of butterflies. Not finished yet but here are a few.
(again with the KEYBOARD)

And I just have to post a beautiful picture of Brat! She is now modeling for a local photographer.
And here is her Halloween pic.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day and I am going to be in bed, crocheting, and watching PBS tonight :)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I'm back! :)

Wow it has been forever since I last posted. So much has happened but let me try and fill you in. First Brat got married AND look what they did hehehe.

Yes they had baby Milo! He spent 6 weeks in NICU and honestly the doctors did not think he would make it. But we all knew he would. Oh Brat's hubby is Gopher! Yes I have to give everyone nicnames. Milo does not have one yet but neither does my other grandbaby.

Now onto crocheting... Corner to corner (c2c) from redheart has been very popular with the crochet craze group on facebook.
Here is Milo's

 Here is one I made for Old One (my mom) and Spring Fling pillow also from Red Heart.

My set!


C2C in the new neon colors for Fluffy 

Brat and her C2C!

I used scrap yarn from all my projects to create a hexagon blanket (my own pattern)

And the scraps from that are going into this C2C. WIP!

The latest craze is boot cuffs. So I made a pair (goddess size for my calves) But I don't even have boots!

So everyone is bootcuff crazy and I am doing fingerless gloves.

Even mini goddess sized for Noodle.

 This is one days worth....I have been doing them for many days now.

It's not all C2C's and mitts. My first granny ripple. 

Baby blankets for cousins.

Skull searching for my dad. (he is not happy with any I have found yet)

Still working on the wall!

And sucking at taking pictures LOL!

Gained a lot of weight, cut hair and dyed it purple!

Spent everyday this summer in the gym. I am strong as a tank but still the same size as one too :( 

 Spending rare moments with my family (left to right...Old One, Fluffy, Noodle, Gopher, Brat, Bubba, and Chatterbox holding my grandbaby Amethyst)

And that leaves me crocheting and battling the morning glory's that have taken over my little corner of the world.

  I fell into a serious depression after the heart attack and losing my beloved Peewee last fall. This summer Macy (Peewee's love) passed away. She never recovered from losing him and she slowly died from a broken heart. But they are together again and someday I will see them again. I still have my Shiner! 15 years of meaness and Cat-titude. And 5 turtles (lost 2 rescues).
  I am trying to get my life back into shape as well as my body. Neither are happening fast. But I am blessed with the ability to crochet and craft. That is my therapy (well tea and lots of Pride and Prejudice DVD watching) oh and I am counting down till the new season of Downton Abby on PBS but has anyone been watching The Paradise on PBS? I really like it :)
  Well I am happy to be back. I hope no one forgot me LOL. I promise to post more now and try and get back into a routine. I hope everyone has had a better year than I have had. I am looking forward to the coming year.

Monday, March 25, 2013

An update.

Ok I am soooo sorry I have been MIA.

Life has gotten a bit wild but I do manage to crochet A LOT even in the chaos. 
The latest works...
Granny ripple for the old one. In white and 3 different yellows.

A scrap ripple for Brat! I love this so much might need to make me one.

A new obsession called the spring fling pillow by red heart.
One for Fluffy.

One for Noodle.

One for me (with another new obsession the corner to corner also by red heart)

And one for mom (with her c2c afghan)

 Every icky thing you can think of has been passed through the little ones school. And of course they bring it home and share it with me. But we have new news.....Brat is expecting. She is 20 weeks and we found out the baby is going to be a boy. So of course...

A c2c afghan for the grandbelly

I am on facebook everyday in a group called Crochet Craze. We are a goofy but close group. You are welcome to come join us. I will try and keep up with my blog too. I hope everyone has had a good year so far. And if I don't post before hand...Happy Easter!