Saturday, December 28, 2013

Crazy Christmas!

Most of my gifts were homemade. But I did go buy a few things. Noodle went with me and she had the best spot. Snugged in with toss pillows and fuzzy blankets.

And I of course could not post the picture because right on top was a gift for Brat. And I of course was so swamped with getting gifts done, getting orders out, and trying to stay sane, that I forgot to take pictures of everything. But here are a few...
First was a special request for Hello kitty hats for my tattoo'd baby and her baby.

Here they are wearing them.

Then came owl hats for another one of my spare daughters and her baby.

All 4.

Old One's slouchy beret

 Brat in her Rainbow hat.

Brat in her slime green pom pom hat.

Gopher's lil siater in her flower skull cap.

And then we have the various other pictures. Of course it would not be a holiday without someone getting sick. And that was Noodle. 2 days before Christmas she starts running a fever and feeling run down with tummy issues. She stayed/slept on the couch for days including Christmas. She even had to be persuaded to get up and see what Santa brought her. But we did manage to get her up if we all went into Old One's room to open gifts.

Rough at first.

But a polka doted fuzzy robe perked her up a little.

Of course her Bubba was trying to be stylish with ribbon curls.
First the ear.

Then I helped LOL!

And Fluffy showing her breast cancer awareness support.

It was crazy and I am so glad it is over. This is the second year that I am just not into Christmas. When you live in the house of PMS and Chaos it is never a good thing. 

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  1. Beautiful hats, every single one of them. I think I like the rainbow one best but they're all great!