Monday, January 30, 2012

Ulcers, Kidney stone and Grandbaby!

I have been wanting to post for over a week now but something always comes up. I have had 2 ulcer attacks in the last 2 weeks. Then I have started to watch my grandbaby every evening during the week. And then I spent a great deal of time at the hospital in serious pain yesterday from a kidney stone. And that is pretty much been my week in a nut shell. I am exhausted, sore, and feeling old! But I have been a crocheting fool and have a whole stack of things to take pictures of and post. Check back in a day or two and I will have them up :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

A sleepy lazy day

Do to an ulcer attack I have not done much today but crochet, read and get some organizing done on my computer. I was transfering pictures and patterns from a rental laptop and putting them on my laptop. I can not believe how much I had on there in just a couple months!

I did come across some pictures that I would like to share. They are of my 2 youngest children (The rest are grown and on their own). Treasure every moment you have with your children. Because when they are grown you will miss them with all your heart.

So here is Noodle our darling baby....well big baby hehehe

And here is Fluffy....our beautiful nature loving boho girl!

I am so blessed with all my kids. And I treasure every moment with them.

Ok enough of gushig about my babies, next post will be back to chochet :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mother nature has mood swings!

It was warm enough to not even need a jacket. Then it was so cold even I stayed inside.(Of course I had to go and restock on a ton of yarn to keep me busy). Well the cold only lasted a couple of days and it's warming up again. Seriously someone get mother nature some hormone therapy or something. At least my new chair afghan is done. So here is the Valentine afghan.
I am simply doing large granny squares for my chair. They are big enough to cover with on a cold evening. Here is one I did for my mothers chair. Mind you her whole Livingroom is done in the old tupperware colors (Burnt orange, mustard gold, chocolate brown and avacado green) hahaha she would smack me if she saw me making fun of her colors LOL. But whatever makes her happy and gives me something to do :)

My daughters (Fluffy and Noodle) and I are currently living with my mother till I find a house I am willing to buy :) My mom's home is very dark, seems like the light doesn't even come into the windows (except in my room). So as I take pictures they will all seem dark and dreary. You will notice the differance later when I have my own home again. Anyway I was bored and couldn't sleep so I made this the other night. Trying to add a bit of color to the footstool :)
Question is now how much black cat hair it can hold because Shiner or old and snobbish cat thinks this was made just for her to lay on!

Now if by chance my camera and I can get along (I think he knows his days are numbered) then I will get more pics up soon. I am not happy that I still have so many pictures yet to get posted. Oh well!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First attempt at pictures.

Sorry it has taken so long to get pictures up. First I could not find my camera then when I did the batteries were dead and now it only wants to work once and awhile! So I only have a few pictures for this post but in the next few days....hopefully!
This first picture is my Christmas afghan. Just a few days before Christmas I realized I never made a afghan for Christmas. So the quickest pattern is a giant granny square and it took me maybe a day and a half. That has also started me thinking of "Why not a differant afghan for every season and holiday". And now I have Valentines almost done, St.Patrick's day started, spring in the begining stages and summer and 4th of July in the planning. (When I run out of yarn needed for one I start on another).
Ever since I got bunting patterns I have been a bunting fool. This is the one I made for my mom. I have 2 Christmas ones for myself. And 2 for Valentines day, 2 for St. Patrick's day, Easter , summer, spring, etc etc. As I said a bunting fool....oh yeah and for my daughters room, and for birthdays :)
I know I don't have any of my ornaments up yet. But I wanted to show this off. It was made by my grandmother years and years ago. See I come by this craftiness through genetics (As well as a big backside, freckles, and a fondness for board games hehehe). I also remember her making santa and Mrs. Claus out of folded and painted Reader's diagest books, and me playing under her quilt loom for hours as she quilted.

This picture is not mine but I have one I made about 15 years ago. I am looking for the pattern since I no longer have it. I used to have hundreds of patterns that I no longer have :(

Well that is what I have for today. I have ornaments, fingerless gloves, my "Mrs. Weasley" sweater (which is almost done I just have to finish the hem), Valentine,s items, and some plastic canvas items to still get pictures of and posted.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Things to come in the next few days!

I will be posting pics from ALL the Christmas projects my darling daughters and I did. Also will post pics of the fingersless gloves that I made one evening for everyone (they are super quick and easy). Currently I am working on a scrap sweater. My inspiration was Mrs. Weasley from Harry Potter. It is a mix of knitting looms and crochet. Valentines is also coming up which means a new holiday afghan in the making and decorations too. So now all I have to do is figure out how to post pics and get them on here LOL! Hope everyone is staying warm :)