Monday, January 16, 2012

A sleepy lazy day

Do to an ulcer attack I have not done much today but crochet, read and get some organizing done on my computer. I was transfering pictures and patterns from a rental laptop and putting them on my laptop. I can not believe how much I had on there in just a couple months!

I did come across some pictures that I would like to share. They are of my 2 youngest children (The rest are grown and on their own). Treasure every moment you have with your children. Because when they are grown you will miss them with all your heart.

So here is Noodle our darling baby....well big baby hehehe

And here is Fluffy....our beautiful nature loving boho girl!

I am so blessed with all my kids. And I treasure every moment with them.

Ok enough of gushig about my babies, next post will be back to chochet :)

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