Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First attempt at pictures.

Sorry it has taken so long to get pictures up. First I could not find my camera then when I did the batteries were dead and now it only wants to work once and awhile! So I only have a few pictures for this post but in the next few days....hopefully!
This first picture is my Christmas afghan. Just a few days before Christmas I realized I never made a afghan for Christmas. So the quickest pattern is a giant granny square and it took me maybe a day and a half. That has also started me thinking of "Why not a differant afghan for every season and holiday". And now I have Valentines almost done, St.Patrick's day started, spring in the begining stages and summer and 4th of July in the planning. (When I run out of yarn needed for one I start on another).
Ever since I got bunting patterns I have been a bunting fool. This is the one I made for my mom. I have 2 Christmas ones for myself. And 2 for Valentines day, 2 for St. Patrick's day, Easter , summer, spring, etc etc. As I said a bunting fool....oh yeah and for my daughters room, and for birthdays :)
I know I don't have any of my ornaments up yet. But I wanted to show this off. It was made by my grandmother years and years ago. See I come by this craftiness through genetics (As well as a big backside, freckles, and a fondness for board games hehehe). I also remember her making santa and Mrs. Claus out of folded and painted Reader's diagest books, and me playing under her quilt loom for hours as she quilted.

This picture is not mine but I have one I made about 15 years ago. I am looking for the pattern since I no longer have it. I used to have hundreds of patterns that I no longer have :(

Well that is what I have for today. I have ornaments, fingerless gloves, my "Mrs. Weasley" sweater (which is almost done I just have to finish the hem), Valentine,s items, and some plastic canvas items to still get pictures of and posted.

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  1. Hi, nice to meet you! I love your holiday crochet projects!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)