Monday, March 25, 2013

An update.

Ok I am soooo sorry I have been MIA.

Life has gotten a bit wild but I do manage to crochet A LOT even in the chaos. 
The latest works...
Granny ripple for the old one. In white and 3 different yellows.

A scrap ripple for Brat! I love this so much might need to make me one.

A new obsession called the spring fling pillow by red heart.
One for Fluffy.

One for Noodle.

One for me (with another new obsession the corner to corner also by red heart)

And one for mom (with her c2c afghan)

 Every icky thing you can think of has been passed through the little ones school. And of course they bring it home and share it with me. But we have new news.....Brat is expecting. She is 20 weeks and we found out the baby is going to be a boy. So of course...

A c2c afghan for the grandbelly

I am on facebook everyday in a group called Crochet Craze. We are a goofy but close group. You are welcome to come join us. I will try and keep up with my blog too. I hope everyone has had a good year so far. And if I don't post before hand...Happy Easter!