Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mother nature has mood swings!

It was warm enough to not even need a jacket. Then it was so cold even I stayed inside.(Of course I had to go and restock on a ton of yarn to keep me busy). Well the cold only lasted a couple of days and it's warming up again. Seriously someone get mother nature some hormone therapy or something. At least my new chair afghan is done. So here is the Valentine afghan.
I am simply doing large granny squares for my chair. They are big enough to cover with on a cold evening. Here is one I did for my mothers chair. Mind you her whole Livingroom is done in the old tupperware colors (Burnt orange, mustard gold, chocolate brown and avacado green) hahaha she would smack me if she saw me making fun of her colors LOL. But whatever makes her happy and gives me something to do :)

My daughters (Fluffy and Noodle) and I are currently living with my mother till I find a house I am willing to buy :) My mom's home is very dark, seems like the light doesn't even come into the windows (except in my room). So as I take pictures they will all seem dark and dreary. You will notice the differance later when I have my own home again. Anyway I was bored and couldn't sleep so I made this the other night. Trying to add a bit of color to the footstool :)
Question is now how much black cat hair it can hold because Shiner or old and snobbish cat thinks this was made just for her to lay on!

Now if by chance my camera and I can get along (I think he knows his days are numbered) then I will get more pics up soon. I am not happy that I still have so many pictures yet to get posted. Oh well!


  1. I like the ottoman cover...the pattern and colours are great. I have dreams of finding an old round pouf (or ottoman) and covering it all with rounds and rounds of crochet. Am always on the look out at thrift shops. And your kids are gorgeous by the way! Cheers.

  2. Thanks Lori, The cover has stretch with help from the darling kids LOL. Gives me a reason to make a new one and a new cover for the old one. I am always at the thrift stores looking for projects or kids books. My girls have over 1,000 by now LOL.