Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I'm back! :)

Wow it has been forever since I last posted. So much has happened but let me try and fill you in. First Brat got married AND look what they did hehehe.

Yes they had baby Milo! He spent 6 weeks in NICU and honestly the doctors did not think he would make it. But we all knew he would. Oh Brat's hubby is Gopher! Yes I have to give everyone nicnames. Milo does not have one yet but neither does my other grandbaby.

Now onto crocheting... Corner to corner (c2c) from redheart has been very popular with the crochet craze group on facebook.
Here is Milo's

 Here is one I made for Old One (my mom) and Spring Fling pillow also from Red Heart.

My set!


C2C in the new neon colors for Fluffy 

Brat and her C2C!

I used scrap yarn from all my projects to create a hexagon blanket (my own pattern)

And the scraps from that are going into this C2C. WIP!

The latest craze is boot cuffs. So I made a pair (goddess size for my calves) But I don't even have boots!

So everyone is bootcuff crazy and I am doing fingerless gloves.

Even mini goddess sized for Noodle.

 This is one days worth....I have been doing them for many days now.

It's not all C2C's and mitts. My first granny ripple. 

Baby blankets for cousins.

Skull searching for my dad. (he is not happy with any I have found yet)

Still working on the wall!

And sucking at taking pictures LOL!

Gained a lot of weight, cut hair and dyed it purple!

Spent everyday this summer in the gym. I am strong as a tank but still the same size as one too :( 

 Spending rare moments with my family (left to right...Old One, Fluffy, Noodle, Gopher, Brat, Bubba, and Chatterbox holding my grandbaby Amethyst)

And that leaves me crocheting and battling the morning glory's that have taken over my little corner of the world.

  I fell into a serious depression after the heart attack and losing my beloved Peewee last fall. This summer Macy (Peewee's love) passed away. She never recovered from losing him and she slowly died from a broken heart. But they are together again and someday I will see them again. I still have my Shiner! 15 years of meaness and Cat-titude. And 5 turtles (lost 2 rescues).
  I am trying to get my life back into shape as well as my body. Neither are happening fast. But I am blessed with the ability to crochet and craft. That is my therapy (well tea and lots of Pride and Prejudice DVD watching) oh and I am counting down till the new season of Downton Abby on PBS but has anyone been watching The Paradise on PBS? I really like it :)
  Well I am happy to be back. I hope no one forgot me LOL. I promise to post more now and try and get back into a routine. I hope everyone has had a better year than I have had. I am looking forward to the coming year.


  1. Wow! Your crochet is beautiful and so is your new family member. I love your scrap hexagon blanket and the c2c, I'm going to pop over to facebook and look that one up!

    1. The C2C is on it is called the corner to corner and is super easy to do. Thank you for the hexagon coment. That is my own pattern and I will do my best to get it written up soon and posted.