Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine"s Day!

I am actually getting some of my Valentine's Day projects up on here. I actually only finished about half of what I planned. But over the rest of the year I will work on them as I have time. So next year I will have a bunch more :) Of course my camera had a slow and painful death so I had to use my phone. So some of the pictures are bad but at least I am trying.

We start with the attempted taming of Fluffy's hair. Yeah right LOL!

I surprised her this morning with these hair clips.

I had to make these for her because the headband I made her didn't really make her happy. Bust she had a huge smile as soon as I said I was blogging the picture. What a ham! LOL!

Now we move on to decorations.

These look cute and of course between my mom's dungeon dark livingroom and having to use my phone the picture is bad :( the little heart is plastic canvas!

On the opposite wall is a shelf that I have pompom garland on. I love my pompom maker!

A couple of pillows I did off the top of my head. The heart was a pain I took it apart and redid it many times.

I always had these towels around growing up (Thanks grandma). I just never made one. I found a video on utube and gave it a try. Not as good as grandma's but hey I like it :)

And I end with Noodle holding some felt stuffed hearts I made and never figured out what to do with them. She was upset because Fluffy was going to be blogged and she wanted in on it LOL.

I can't wait to get a new camera. Maybe tomorrow? Anyway now on to St.Paddy's Day projects. I don't have many planned so far. But I have my Irish pride so I am sure I will green up the place hahahaha



  1. What countryside do you drive through? I love all your heart things you made. I actually bought some Swarovski crystals in the shape of clovers and I'm going to make some earrings for St. Patricks Day! Nice to meet you!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. I live in Tennessee right now and I admit it I hate it with a passion. I was born and raised in Michigan. Driving past the farms of Berrien county during harvest time is like heaven. And the best feeling in the world is having your toes in the water of lake Michigan as your kids play in the sand. As for St. Paddy's day... I love your earing idea. I will post soon with some of my ideas :) And it is wonderful to meet you too!