Sunday, May 6, 2012

Odds and ends

I have a few little tid bits I wanted to share. A painting from my friend Mark Grossi. And Noodles new scrap doll to start.

Isn't this wonderful? It darkened a bit when dry but I still love it. Now to get a frame for it!

Not the best photo of Noodle but she had not been feeling well.
SO here is her new doll Berry! Yes I made it so don't laugh :)

Now other than a bit of crocheting here and there (because everyone knows I have a bunch of pojects going at the same time) I also taught myself to knit. Well I got the knit part down but purl is a pain and is now a bad word not to be said in this house LOL. I finished the afghan that was started 3 years ago. And another doily for the rainbow room. I will put more pics up when I get my lazy bum into gear to do it :) Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

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  1. Awesome! And I love all of your rainbow stuff too. I too haven't been posting a whole lot. So much going on. Going to try to post today, we'll see what happens. :o)