Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I did it! I finally did it! I finished the "Summer Shawl From Hell That Is Sucking The Life Out Of Me". 3 months I worked daily on this thing but it is done. See! Modeled by the ever so lovely Noodle!
And from the back. (I made it extra big because my booty is wayyyyy bigger than Noodles :)


Now I am working on matching fingerless gloves. I got one done fairly quickly. And since it is my own pattern I wrote it done so the second would be exactly the same. Well it was supposed to be! I have taken it almost completly apart to start over. Why is it giving me hell? Because it is related to that damn shawl! And we all know that blasted shawl did not like me at all!!!

Look what Old One got me! Isn't it so cute? I am not making a cozy for this little beauty though :)

Old One and I have been crafty lately. She has been depressed and a word...cranky! SO I got her a project to paint and tinker with :)
Now for a sneaky peeky at my next blog and Tah-dah moment. I figured out something to do with all my extra roses hehehehe.
I have been sooooo busy doing all kinds of projects (besides hours a day on that dang shawl!) that I have all kinds of things to show you. I just need to catch that "Get to it" fairy so I can get my booty up and take pics hehehehe! Stay tuned more to come and a few (created myself) patterns :)


  1. It is great that you and your Mom are Crafty together, I love the blooming clock! :) x

  2. The shawl is awesome! I bet you were so happy when the last stitch was done!!! And I love the clock.

  3. Now I can follow you . . . you need to try my bread pudding recipe. I was AMAZeD at how easy it actually was . . . made me mad I had waited so many years to try it :0{

  4. That's an amazing shawl! I admire your patience. I love that name you have given your shawl :))

  5. That shawl is great and the clock is fab. I am working on my first shawl. Wish me luck!