Thursday, August 23, 2012

My summer thus far! (Lots of pics)

This summer has been horrid. To hot for even the girls to go out and play. Or it pours rain so my tomatoes burst before they even ripen. As I said just horrid. But I do have some odd pictures to share.

Even going for a drive was hot on Noodle! Happy meals help though hehehe!

Of course Fluffy is tall enough to get the full breeze!
Here she is in her fluffiness LOL!
Old one (what the kids call my mom) was driving.
But I fed everyone dinner! Stir fry...yummy!
And the girls helped make sundae's
My cats were just lazy all summer. Here is the black and white puddle.
Tiny, Kitty, and Kitty Kitty
Of course we can not forget Mr. Black who just showed up one day.
But my baby is Shiner! Who lately is driving me nuts!
Here she is "helping" me fold clothes.
And here she is on me again!
And again! (Are you getting the idea that she is ALWAYS on me?)
She is the only inside cat we have and at 13 she is old and spoiled!
I have set "The Summer Shawl From Hell That Is Sucking The Life Outta Me" to the side for a day or two while I work on a few small projects. (Trying to regain my sanity)
A few washclothes for the old one!
Brat got her first apartment on her own so for her kitchen I made dishclothes
and more dishclothes (The tray you see hangs on her wall)
She is doing a fun hawaian theme.
And I found mini teapots so of course I made a cozy LOL!
Well That is all for now. I have tons more to show but I still have to take pics. I hope everyone is having a nice week. My babies are in school, so for the first time in nearly 18 years I have no kids home with me.... :( I am soooooooo bored LOL!


  1. Your kids call your mom old one?? lol Awww, poor gran. You've been busy too I see. :o)Thanks about Leo. He's hanging in there.

  2. What a fab little teacosy! My tomatoes have only just had flowers so I don't reckon on getting a single one this year!

  3. Hi Criossa! It looks like you've had a wonderful summer with your mom and girls.. sorry you didn't get more sun! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. I <3 that tea cozy! Love it. I keep meaning to make one soon but it never reaches the top of the queue.

  5. Oh the just can't count on it!

  6. Oh the just can't count on it!