Monday, March 12, 2012

My weekend works!

Fluffy had an extra day off school this weekend so that gave me more time to be creative :) I finished my last owl (in orange) so I moved on.....

To fish....hahaha

All were done in regular worsted weaight yarn (red heart).
The bigger one was done holding 2 strands together and using a bigger hook.

And here is the pattern for the fish Just scroll down till you see them.

The fish were way to fast to do so I looked for the next pattern
A PIG!!!

Piggy pattern ...

Last but not least I stayed up all night for various reasons so I went on the search for a slouchy hat pattern.

side view

If I was to make any changes to the pattern it would be to use a K hook for the brim so it would be a little looser.
here is the pattern

Well that was my weekend in a nutshell. Other than a new coffee mug cozy (one that actually fits LOL)


  1. I like the slouchy. I too like loose fitting when it comes to hats. My head is big (23")so most of my hats are big. I did crochet a few that are smaller though.

    1. I even went to Walmart and bought the J hook. I also bought me some lovely heather grey yarn to make another hehehe. But I will use the K hook :) Do other people really have such small heads? I feel odd now LOL!

  2. Those fish are wonderful - I love how they are in a plastic bag just the way they used to be when I was little (coming home from the shop I mean). Love the owls too. xxooxx.

  3. I especially like the fish! Thanks for sharing the pattern source. <3