Saturday, October 27, 2012

Having a horrid week!

No pictures but just a quick post.
This week has been hell. I have been just so depressed and of course fate has to mess me up even more. My laptop's hard drive may be dead. There goes hundreds of pictures from a span of 4 years that can not be replaced (hoping that they can be saved). Then this week my darling Peewee has started to show signs that he is ready to leave us. Peewee is my very old yet loving mini brindle pit. He is beyond fugly yet I just love him so much. He has stopped eating and just lays around now. He is not sick or hurting he is just realy realy old. He is my afghan lover and gets at least 2 new ones a year. He is like Linus from The Peanuts cartoon. He will drag his "Blankie" all over the yard and into his house. He will pile it up into a heap and slide under it to sleep. It really is funny how he loves his afghans. But sadly I don't think he will be here by next weekend. I am trying to keep Fluffy from thinking about it to much. She is my nature loving, animal loving, flower child. She used to practice reading by climbing into the dog house with the dogs and reading to them.
So this week has sucked and I am afraid it will be worse this week. I will keep you updated and insha Allah *God Willing* I will be posting my usual happy colorful posts soon.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Most Amazing Crochet Book!!!

Old One did it again. She went on Amazon and found a book that I just love. A Treasury of Crochet Patterns by Liz Blackwell. I have been checking the book out of the library for years. It has hundreds of stitch patterns in it. The one from the library was from 1968 and only had black and white photos. So imagine my surprise when mine had color pics (1971). And mine was less than $1......If there was ever a book to get it is this one. The instructions are so easy and it just fills your head with ideas. Thank you Old One :)

Now I have to go get the babies from school in a few minutes. Fluffy got all A's...again hehehe. And lil Miss Noodle got all A's on her very first report card. I just love my girls. No school all next week for fall break so I will be busy :)

Oh next post will be the one with the clock I promise!